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Top 25 Song Challenge

As people have probably gathered by now, I have a music obsession. I’m always listening to variety of music. From punk rock to singer songwriter to folk. Now I work with a guy (Ryan) who has 25 solid songs for all occasions. Which means his playlist of 25 songs is the same for working out, road tripping, setting the mood or any other situation that comes up. Personally I have a hard time choosing 25 artists that I like to listen to. I have 5 different playlists for snowboarding, I make new ones for road trips, and then I have albums I like to listen to shuffle when I am in different moods.

I have decided to try and put together a 25 list and try to listen to that top 25 list for a couple days straight. I don’t think I will be able to last that long, but it’s worth a try. I’m curious if other people believe in the 1 playlist to rule them all mentality and I would love to see other peoples top 25 list. This whole exercise reminds me of an episode from The Office.

Quote from The Office episode Fire

Jim: DVDs! Five movies. What would you bring to the island? Yes! Meredith?
Meredith: Legends of the Fall, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Legally Blond, Bridges of Madison County…
Jim: Wow.
Pam: Legends of the Fall?
Jim: Wow. Bridges of Madison County, Legally Blond, these movies are just… .
Pam: Well, I kind of liked Legal…
Jim: Wait, wait, wait. Pam. No. Do you understand? The… the game is Desert Island Movies, not guilty pleasure movies. Desert Island Movies are the movies you’re going to watch for the rest of your life! Forever! Unforgivable.
Pam: I take it back.
Jim: Unforgivable.
Pam: I take it back!
Jim: Good.
Meredith: …and Ghost. But, ah, just that one scene…
1Sufjan StevensChicago 06:05
2Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication 05:21
3The Rolling StonesPaint It Black 03:22
4NOFXDon’t Call Me White 02:33
5Unwritten LawCailin 04:34
6Ben Folds FiveBrick 04:32
7Mumford & SonsThe Cave 04:00
8The Avett BrothersI And Love And You 05:01
9Beastie BoysPaul Revere 03:40
10The BeatlesBlackbird 02:15
11The WhoBaba O’Riley 05:01
12Simon & GarfunkelAmerica 03:29
13Jack JohnsonBrush Fire Fairytales 03:04
14Jimmy Eat WorldHear You Me 04:45
15Alkaline TrioRadio 04:40
16Alkaline TrioPrivate Eye 03:30
17Dashboard ConfessionalAgain I Go Unnoticed 02:24
18David MeadNashville 03:56
19Creedence Clearwater RevivalFortunate Son 02:19
20Death Cab for CutieMy Mirror Speaks 03:31
21The FormatTune Out 03:31
22Jimmy Luxury & The Tommy Rome OrchestraTales Of Lonliness 02:43
23Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues 02:49
24Kanye WestAll of the Lights 05:00
25Modest MouseFloat On 03:28

7 responses to "Top 25 Song Challenge"

  1. The Hut March 30th, 2011 22:50 pm Reply

    Hmmm…. I am probably one of those types. Sad but true. I just haven’t kept up.

    1. Josh March 30th, 2011 22:54 pm Reply

      Which is ok, I guess. You should post your playlist though.

  2. Amy March 30th, 2011 23:36 pm Reply

    Okay Josh here is my list….


  3. Josh March 30th, 2011 23:36 pm Reply

    Craig (guy from work)

    1. Leonard Cohen – “Diamonds in the Mine”
    2. Bob Dylan – “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”
    3. Yo La Tengo – “We’re an American Band”
    4. Nick Cave – “The Mercy Seat” (acoustic version, preferably)
    5. The Cramps – “Garbage Man”
    6. Brian Eno – “Third Uncle”
    7. Scott Walker – “Jackie”
    8. Cat Power – “Werewolf”
    9. The Fall – “Disney’s Dream Debased”
    10. The Velvet Underground – “White Light/White Heat”
    11. The Magnetic Fields – “Sunset City”
    12. David Bowie – “In the Heat of the Morning”
    13. The Kinks – “Sunny Afternoon”
    14. Neil Young – “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”
    15. Love – “Maybe the People Would Be the Times…”
    16. The Mekons – “Darkness and Doubt”
    17. Harry Nilsson – “Vine St.”
    18. John Cale – “Bring It On Up”
    19. Pere Ubu – “Humor Me”
    20. Portishead – “Strangers”
    21. The Honeybus – “(Do I Figure) In Your Life”
    22. The Flaming Lips – “The Spark”
    23. PJ Harvey – “Catherine”
    24. The Box Tops – “The Letter”
    25. Billy Bragg & Wilco – “Hot Rod Hotel”

  4. Nick March 31st, 2011 00:12 am Reply

    I do this. My wife hates it after one car trip

  5. Kelly March 31st, 2011 23:43 pm Reply

    These are always so hard to “widdle down”.

    I basically listed songs that rarely if ever get skipped if they show up on the playlist. I am aware that some are up beat while others are moody. So sue me. In Alphabetical order, not by favorites.

    1. 30 Seconds to Mars – Search and Destroy
    2. Brand New – Seventy Times Seven
    3. Counting Crows – Miami
    4. David Gray – Please Forgive Me
    5. Dispatch – Hey Hey
    6. Hellen Stellar – IO (This Time Around)
    7. Jack Johnson – I Shall Be Released
    8. Jamison Parker – Alcohol and Bandages
    9. Jimmy Eat World – Table for Glasses
    10. Kings of Leon – Notion
    11. Less Than Jake – Magnetic North
    12. Lifehouse – Broken
    13. Linkin Park – Iridescent
    14. Matt Kearney – City of Black and White
    15. The Postal Service – Brand New Colony
    16. The Sounds – Underground
    17. Muse – Glorious
    18. Shiny Toy Guns – Starts with One
    19. Number One Fan – It’s Happening
    20. Pearl Jam – Rear View Mirror
    21. Seven Mary Three – Lame
    22. Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonnaise
    23. Taking Back Sunday – Make Damn Sure
    24. The Eagles – The Last Resort
    25. Third Eye Blind – God of Wine

  6. Josh April 8th, 2011 19:21 pm Reply

    Staci’s List:
    U2 – one
    Eagles – hotel California
    Beatles – I want to hold your hand
    The Ramones -I wanna be sedated
    Aerosmith – dream on
    The clash – London calling
    Madonna – like a prayer
    Nirvana – smells like teen spirit
    JayZ – Empire state of mind
    Coldplay – clocks
    Johnny Cash – I walk the line
    Mumford and Sons – The cave/little lion man/winter winds
    My chemical romance – black parade
    Queen – bohemian rhapsody
    Sublime – what I got
    Red hot chili peppers – under the bridge
    Live – lightning crashes
    Nirvana – come as you are
    No doubt – spiderwebs
    The Who – Baba o’riley
    The Rolling Stones – You can’t always get what you want
    Black sabbath – Paranoid
    Simon & garfunkel – bridge over troubled water
    Bon jovi – Someday I’ll be Saturday night
    Leonard Cohen – hallelujah

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